International student exchange in an era of internationalisation: sustainability of the current state of practice.

ANZSSWER Symposium 2016: Advancing our Critical Edge in Social Welfare, Education, Research and Practice.  Townsville, September 2016.

This presentation shares some data from the qualitative interviews conducted as part of the Going Places research project and explores the challenge of sustainable and ethical practice in the absence of strong institutional support for exchange programs.

International social work student exchange: facilitating good practice, reciprocity and mutual benefit

Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education and Social Development, Seoul, June 2016

This workshop shared emerging themes from the Going Places research and generated conversations around good practice in student exchange with a particular focus on concepts of reciprocity and mutual benefit.

Impact of neo-liberalism on principles of equity and reciprocity in student exchange

TASA: Neoliberalism and Contemporary Challenges for the Asia Pacific. Cairns, November 2015

A critical look at the impacts of institutionally driven student exchange, with emphasis on the introduction of the New Colombo Plan presented at The Australian Sociological Association annual conference.

Going Places: Early Findings

HERDSA Queensland Mini-conference, Shaping higher education with new ideas and emerging inititatives, Townsville, November 2015

This presentation shared some of the early findings from the critical literature review and survey of Australian Schools of Social Work.

Collaboration and Reciprocity in international social work student exchange

ANZSWWER Symposium, Melbourne, September 2015

This critical review of literature relating to collaboration and reciprocity in international social work student exchange was presented by Ines Zuchwoski and Narayan Gopalkrishnan in September at the 2015 ANSWWER Symposium. Building collaborations in education and research: beyond the rhetoric.

Going Places: Facilitating Good Practice in International Social Work Student Exchange

Conference of Innovation and Discovery, Hong Kong, May 2015

An overview of Going Places and an indication of future research directions was presented by Ines Zuchowski in May at the 2015 International Conference of Discovery and Innovation in Social Work Practicuum Education.

Refereed Papers

Harris, N., Miles, D., Howard, E., Zuchowski, I., King, J., Dhephasadin Na Ayudhaya, P., Jones, P., Francis, A., Gopalkrishnan, N. & Puthantharayil, G., (2017). International Student Exchange in Australian Social Work Education. Australian Social Work. Advance Online Publication. doi:10.1080/0312407X.2017.1309671

Zuchowski, I.S., Gopalkrishnan, N., King, J., and Francis, A. (2017). Reciprocity in international student exchange: Challenges posed by neo-colonialism and the dominance of the Western voice.  Aotearoa New Zealand Social Work, 29 (1), 77-87. doi:

Miles, D., Jones, P., Gopalkrishnan, N., Francis, A., Harris, N., Howard, E., King, J., Zuchowski, I., Dhephasadin, P. & Puthantharayil, G. (2016). Contested concepts of ‘partnership’ in international student exchange programs. In M. Davis & A. Goody (Eds.), Research and Development in Higher Education: The Shape of Higher Education, 39 (pp. 202-211). Freemantle, Australia: HERDSA.


Miles, D. & Howard, E. (2016). Student Exchange is Going Places.  HERDSA News, 38(2), p. 27.

Miles, D., Jones, P., Gopalkrishnan, N., Francis, A., Harris, N., Howard, E., King, J., Zuchowski, I., Dhephasadin, P., & Puthantharayil, G. (2016, May).  Student Exchange: preparing graduates for social work practice in globalised environments. Social Dialogue, 14, p. 42-43.

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